And so to blogging

New website = new blog.

I went to the Society of Indexers (SI) 2016 conference last week in Birmingham and returned inspired and enthused, which always happens post-conference. High time for an updated website and a new blog, on which I plan to post regularly.

I very much enjoyed the SI conference. Always good to catch up with familiar colleagues and friends and meet new ones. It was particularly encouraging to see some very keen and promising trainees and ‘yellow spots’ (conference first-timers) this year. The one-day conference worked very well with a happy combination of a great venue at The Studio in Birmingham, useful sessions (ethics in indexing, experienced and trainee indexers’ seminars, and workshops on indexing in InDesign, editing the index and gardening/cookery books) and time to relax and socialise in the traditional pre- and post-conference pub meets. (Cheers all round.) Excellent plenary talks too by Alastair Horne (@pressfuturist) on the shiny future of publishing and Dennis Duncan (@djbduncan) on the filthy past of indexing. I will be keeping a close eye on Dennis’s plans for his two-day symposium on ‘The Book Index’ in Oxford, 22-23 June 2017. Also looking forward to the 2017 SI conference, which will mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Society of Indexers. Happy birthday to us.

If you missed the conference, you can catch up via the Twitter Storify summary created by Laura Stevens (@indexerlas) and also Laura’s fine blog on her experience as an SI conference first-timer.

I was also prompted to revisit my prize-winning ‘Ode to Indexing’ from my own first SI conference in Chester back in 2004:


A proud moment. Ahem.

Here at Baindex Towers, it’s been a busy and varied month work-wise, indexing books on quantum macroeconomics, transformational change in environmental management, the Enlightenment in Sicily, industrial service design and emerging technologies and copy-editing a book on cosmopolitanism in East and Southeast Asian cinema. I’m currently working on the index for a handbook on prop building for film, television and theatre. That’s one of the many things I love about this work. It’s such a varied job and I’m always learning something new. It can also make you a demon pub quizzer.

For now, it’s back to the books.


Paula Clarke Bain is a professional book indexer and editor. She likes comedy, books and indexes and really likes comedy book indexes. See more at her website at or on Twitter @PC_Bain.

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