Recent indexes

Recent published indexes include the following. (See links to ‘look inside’ the index.)

Abraham-Hamanoiel, A. et al. (eds) Liberalism in Neoliberal Times (Goldsmiths Press/MIT Press) (index)

Archer, S. Sharks upon the Land: Colonialism, Indigenous Health, and Culture in Hawai’i, 1778–1855 (Cambridge University Press) (index)

Beech, N. and Gilmore, C. Organising Music: Theory, Practice, Performance (Cambridge University Press) (index)

Begg, P. and Bennett, J. Jack the Ripper: The Forgotten Victims (Yale University Press) (index)

Bigsby, C. Viewing America: Twenty-First Century Television Drama (Cambridge University Press) (index)

Brylla, C. and Kramer, M. (eds) Cognitive Theory and Documentary Film (Palgrave Macmillan)

Burroughs, C. (ed.) Closet Drama: History, Theory, Form (Routledge Advances in Theatre & Performance Studies) (Routledge) (index)

Cabannes, Y. and Marocchino, C. (eds) Integrating Food into Urban Planning (UCL Press/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) (free open-access PDF of book and linked index available here)

Camp, P. The First Frame: Theatre Space in Enlightenment France (Cambridge University Press) (index)

Campbell, A. Sicily and the Enlightenment: The World of Domenico Caracciolo, Thinker and Reformer (I.B.Tauris)

Chan, F. Cosmopolitan Cinema: Cross-cultural Encounters in East Asian Film (I.B.Tauris)

Clover, C. Black Wind, White Snow: The Rise of Russia’s New Nationalism (Yale University Press) (index)

Draaisma, D. The Nostalgia Factory: Memory, Time and Ageing (Yale University Press) (index)

Forseth, R. (Csencsitz, C., ed.) Alcoholite at the Altar: The Writer and Addiction – The Writings of Roger Forseth (IntoWords Press) (index)

Fyfe, N.R. et al. (eds) Moral Issues in Intelligence-Led Policing (Routledge Frontiers of Criminal Justice) (Routledge) (index)

Geyh, P. (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Postmodern American Fiction (Cambridge University Press) (index)

Gifford, T. (ed.) Ted Hughes in Context (Cambridge University Press) (index)

Groom, N. The Vampire: A New History (Yale University Press) (index)

Haas, M. Forbidden Music: The Jewish Composers Banned by the Nazis (Yale University Press) (index)

Hart, E. The Prop Building Guidebook: For Theatre, Film, and TV (Focal Press) (index)

Harvey, K. History and Material Culture: A Student’s Guide to Approaching Alternative Sources (Routledge) (index)

Holland, O. William Morris’s Utopianism: Propaganda, Politics and Prefiguration (Palgrave Macmillan) (index)

Holmes, P. et al. Empowering Therapeutic Practice: Integrating Psychodrama into Other Therapies (Jessica Kingsley Publishers) (index)

Hunt, L. Cult British TV Comedy: From Reeves and Mortimer to Psychoville (Manchester University Press) (index)

Hunt, L. et al. Screening the Undead: Vampires and Zombies in Film and Television (I.B.Tauris) (index)

Hurwitz, N. A History of the American Musical Theatre (Routledge) (index)

Jelfs, T. The Argument about Things in the 1980s: Goods and Garbage in an Age of Neoliberalism (West Virginia University Press) (index)

Jones, S. The Art of Horror Movies: An Illustrated History (Applause Theatre & Cinema Books)

Kennedy, S. T.S. Eliot and the Dynamic Imagination (Cambridge University Press) (index)

Kutschke, B. Music and Protest in 1968 (Cambridge University Press) (index)

Lough, D. Darling Winston: Forty Years of Correspondence Between Churchill and His Mother (Head of Zeus)

Malay, M. The Figure of the Animal in Modern and Contemporary Poetry (Palgrave Macmillan)

McGettigan, K. Herman Melville: Modernity and the Material Text (University of New Hampshire Press/University Press of New England) (index)

Miller, D. Copyright and the Value of Performance, 1770–1911 (Cambridge University Press) (index)

Osman, T. Islamism: What It Means for the Middle East and the World (Yale University Press) (index)

Paxman, J. Classical Music 1600–2000: A Chronology (Omnibus Press) (index)

Papacharissi, Z. (ed.) A Networked Self and Platforms, Stories, Connections (Routledge) (index)

Riding, J. Peterloo: The Story of the Manchester Massacre (Head of Zeus)

Roberts, J. Soupy Twists! The Full, Official Story of the Sophisticated Silliness of Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie (Unbound)

Wells, A. and Matthews, G. Attention and Emotion: A Clinical Perspective (Psychology Press) (index)

Wilson, B.A. et al. (eds) Neuropsychological Rehabilitation: The International Handbook (Routledge/Psychology Press) (index)

Wilson, D. The Queen and the Heretic: How Two Women Changed the Religion of England (Lion Books) (index)